Chalk-painting an out-dated microwave

Almond-toned appliances and outlets covers are some of the biggest indicators of a dated home. Why appliance manufacturers would create an almond-toned microwave, but a white control panel, is beyond my scope of insight/knowledge.

When I decided to paint my microwave, first I cleaned the microwave with ammonia to remove any grease and dirt that might’ve been lingering. I then used parchment paper and painter’s tape to cover the window of the microwave, as well as the control panel.

I made a small stencil of the rounded edges of the glass and control panel so I could trace it on the parchment for a clean fit. This allowed me to properly saturate the microwave with homemade chalk paint without worrying about making a mess in all the wrong places. If you do have a problem with getting excess paint on an unintended surface, I have found a wet Q-tip can be used to get in small places to wipe up wet paint that may have gotten into a nook or cranny.

After I applied two coats of chalk paint to the microwave, I used a clear wax designed to be a sealant for chalk paint. I used a few sections of cheesecloth to apply the wax. And voilà! As this microwave was here before I moved in, there had been stains that had been made permanent in the window of the microwave. As a result, I cut window film using the outline made with the parchment paper. I applied the film after painting and sealing the microwave!!

And it looks brand new!! It gave the kitchen a nice facelift it so desperately needed. I also sewed a microwave handle and attached Velcro so the handle wasn’t over-used and potentially wore out the paint and added oils from handsy eaters.

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